Benefits of PVD

What is PVD? PVD is an acronym for “physical vapor deposition,” and it is a type of thin-film coating. To apply PVD, a solid material vaporizes into a vacuum and is then deposited on the surface of a part or material. The vapor is applied to the surface atom by atom to create a strong bonded surface that enhances appearance, durability and function.

What is PVD used for in Southern California? Basically, any application that requires functional refinement and strong aesthetics. Here are the benefits of PVD and why you should consider it for your parts and material:

  • Wide industrial application: There are few industries that fail to benefit from PVD. In the automotive industry, PVD improves engine components by making them more durable. It also adds shine to interiors and trim. Home plumbing products are another beneficiary, as are medical devices and sporting goods. Chances are, there is something in your home right now that contains PVD.
  • Color variety: Whether you desire warm or cool tones for your products, PVD can deliver. Warm golds and browns along with bright blue or yellow are among your color offerings. If you create home goods or specialized products that demand a pleasing appearance with durability, you cannot go wrong with the color options with PVD.
  • Flexibility: PVD works for nearly any material. Whether you seek a coating for hard metal or soft plastic, PVD adds a surface without compromising the material. This is possible because PVD is applied at lower temperatures and produces a thin surface. If you only wish to add PVD for aesthetic reasons, you can do so without changing the properties of the part or material.
  • Thin, yet durable: A typical PVD surface measures 0.25 to 10 microns. This is perfect for components that must meet specific dimensions to perform its function. At the same time, it’s also strong and wear resistant, so if these components must function perfectly in a hostile environment, they will meet standards while also standing up to heat, pressure and any other elements components must withstand. This is another reason why PVD is popular for automotive parts.
  • Reduced waste: There is new corporate focus on sustainability and your customers likely demand it—and for good reason. If you seek greener options for treating components and materials, PVD is an excellent choice. The thin coating technique generates no hazardous waste and can be applied without using or wasting excessive material. This makes PVD a welcome addition to any sustainability measures adopted by corporations.

Now that you know what PVD is and what it’s used for, you likely see it as a strong option in your manufacturing efforts. Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. provides PVD services through a nearby supplier as a part of a strategic alliance to offer our customers a complete and seamless finishing solutions provider. Contact us today to learn more.