Value-Added Services

Beyond our broad metal finishing capabilities, Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. seeks to provide comprehensive value-added services that benefit our customers and strengthen our relationships with them. It’s why we’ve expanded our abilities to include sourcing, assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution, and turnkey project development.


Need sourcing for castings, stampings, forgings and similar services? IPS offers value-added services like these for our customers when their requirements include more than just surface finishing. We leverage longstanding relationships with metal fabricators and machinists throughout to procure the raw material for components.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Working with enterprise-level customers has shown us the need for value-added services in the realm of supply chain management. As part of your value stream and supply chain, count on us to provide support in the form of assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution services. From assembly and packaging to distribution and drop-shipping for your final product, we seek to streamline your operations. Plus, our own emphasis on Lean Six Sigma practices ensures our facility is operating with the efficiency you expect from a trusted partner.

Turnkey Projects

IPS also provides turnkey project services to our customers, supplying complete product planning and oversight services. We can assume full responsibility for the sourcing, manufacturing, finishing, quality control, assembly, packaging, and distribution, taking this burden entirely out of your hands! It’s all part of our mission to become a trusted one-stop shop and complete resources for our clients.

Inquire About Our Complete Services

Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. is standing by with a complete repertoire of value-add services, ready to ensure the success of our customers. From sourcing for raw materials and fabrication services, to supply chain and logistics services, to turnkey product development, our expertise and capabilities are at your disposal. Reach us today at 619-661-1691 to learn more.

IPS specializes in medium- to high-volume regular production runs. We are not able to provide services for one-time only, restoration or low-volume orders, but will refer you to someone who can.

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Industries Served:

  • Door Hardware and Kitchen & Bath Hardware
  • Automotive Hardware
  • Gaming Industry
  • Motorcycle Industry
  • Appliances Industry
  • Window Hardware Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Consumer Goods Industry
  • And many more!