PVD Processing

For substrates that require physical vapor deposition (PVD) processing, Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. leverages a strategic alliance with a nearby supplier. We seek to provide an all-in-one, complete solution for PVD processing that meets the quality assurance standards of all our in-house finishing services.

The PVD Process

The PVD process involves the deposition of zirconium nitride, titanium nitride or other metallic ion combinations under vacuum conditions. The PVD process is known to enhance the surface hardness of a component, as well as increase the durability and overall abrasion resistance. It’s a practical finishing application that’s an ideal marriage of aesthetics and benefits.

To achieve proper finishing, some substrates need to be electroplated first with nickel and chromium before they can have PVD applied. We ensure these materials are treated appropriately before they head for PVD processing. Then, when it comes time for the actual finishing treatment, we offer a variety of options and colors, including brass, gold, black, gray, silver, nickel and others.

Serving Diverse Industries

Our partnership with a nearby supplier has made IPS the go-to partner for PVD processing for OEMs and companies worldwide. We welcome projects from industries such as automotive, consumer goods, door hardware, window hardware, sporting goods, electronics, medical, gaming, to kitchen and bath and any other industry requiring high quality, decorative finishing services in medium to high volume all of which rely on us for coatings that yield superior aesthetic results.

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We meet the needs of our customers by ensuring start-to-finish coatings, in addition to value-add services that make us the foremost choice for specialty coatings. Reach us today at 619-661-1691 to get a quote on PVD processing.

IPS specializes in medium- to high-volume regular production runs. We are not able to provide services for one-time only, restoration or low-volume orders, but will refer you to someone who can.

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Industries Served:

  • Door Hardware and Kitchen & Bath Hardware
  • Automotive Hardware
  • Gaming Industry
  • Motorcycle Industry
  • Appliances Industry
  • Window Hardware Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Consumer Goods Industry
  • And many more!