Powder and Liquid Coating

Few finishing treatments offer the aesthetic appeal, resilience and optionality of liquid and powder coating. Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. offers both finishing options, with scalability that makes us the de-facto choice for medium- to high-volume production.

Controlled Coatings, Precision Results

We understand the nuances of powder and liquid coating, and consistently test, calibrate and inspect our equipment and processes to ensure consistent results. As a result, our production and engineering personnel are able to control the clear coat powder coating process—perhaps one of the most difficult coatings to process consistently at high quality levels.

At our facility, experience is the secret to our success. We’ve been delivering powder and liquid coatings to customers for years and have become effective at understanding and controlling the different variables that are affected. We take every element into consideration when administering coatings, ensuring superior-caliber products.

Coating Equipment Installed (Capacity)

With our two powder coating lines, we’re able to process medium- to high-volume production runs with the highest levels of reproducibility, while maintaining a superior level of quality. Our liquid coating capabilities are just as high quality. With manual stations and a chain-on-edge coating line, we’re able to meet diverse customer requirements, covering a wide range of finishing needs. Our capabilities include:

  • (2) Powder Coating Lines: The overhead conveyors on these lines are designed to carry a broad range of products for bulk coating in fast, manual and automated runs.
  • (2) Liquid Coating Lines: Our chain-on-edge system utilizes a rotating spindle for consistent coating, while our manual line hands over control to the operator.

These cutting-edge systems ensure a repeatable high standard for both powder and liquid coatings, allowing us to meet the stringent demands of our diverse customers.

Serving Diverse Industries

Our powder and liquid coating capabilities have made IPS the go-to partner for countless OEMs and companies worldwide. We welcome projects from industries such as automotive, consumer goods, door hardware, window hardware, sporting goods, electronics, gaming, medical to kitchen and bath and any other industry requiring high quality, decorative finishing services in medium to high volume all of which rely on us for coatings that yield superior aesthetic results.

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Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. is ready to tackle your powder coating or liquid coating project. Let us put our facilities to work for you, to produce results that meet specifications and exceed your expectations. Call 619-661-1691 today.

IPS specializes in medium- to high-volume regular production runs. We are not able to provide services for one-time only, restoration or low-volume orders, but will refer you to someone who can.

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Industries Served:

  • Door Hardware and Kitchen & Bath Hardware
  • Automotive Hardware
  • Gaming Industry
  • Motorcycle Industry
  • Appliances Industry
  • Window Hardware Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Consumer Goods Industry
  • And many more!