Your Guide to Metal Polishing Compounds

At Industrial Polishing Services, Inc., we perform metal polishing applications in Southern California using compounds and other metal polishing tools. Compounds are polishing powder mixed with fats and wax to create a cake or bar. We use them to smooth metals and create a quality professional finish. However, compounds are not one-size-fits-all solutions, and each […]

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Products Finishing is a publication dedicated to the surface finishing industry. Electroplating, anodizing, liquid, and powder coating companies have relied on Products Finishing magazine as a source for surface finishing news and technology for more than 80 years. TOP SHOP RECOGNITION: Each year Products Finishing conducts a comparative survey, which is used to determine which […]

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Safety Measures Implemented to Address Concerns Related to COVID-19

Despite the fact that it is nearly impossible to guarantee complete prevention against the spread of COVID-19, the team at Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. continues to do everything we can to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the virus at our facility in Baja California, Mexico. We take this situation extremely seriously and have […]

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What Our Essential Business Classification Means for You

As you’re no doubt aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business across the nation and all over the world. For health and safety purposes, only essential businesses are allowed to continue operating in person at this current moment—all other businesses must either close or work remotely until their state reopens. Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. is […]

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A Short History of Electroplating

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A Short History of Electroplating The concept of electroplating is simple enough. The process sees one material, typically a sturdy metal, coated in another more valuable metal, like gold or silver. The reasons for electroplating can vary from making material look prettier to improving a substance’s electrical conductivity. Whether you realize it or not, electroplating […]

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