The Benefits of Powder Coating with Various Colors

Regardless of which industry you’re in, the odds are good that you can benefit from color powder coating in Southern California. This innovative process is designed to help you add a protective layer to your metal products that goes above and beyond traditional paint.

Over the years, Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. has distinguished itself with the area’s highest-quality transparent powder coating service. Now, in keeping with our ongoing commitment to improvement, our knowledgeable team has mastered working with a massive variety of colors, too.

It’s time to embrace the whole palette of color for your next paint job. Here’s why.

Leave old-fashioned paint jobs in the dust

With little-to-no outside influence, a traditional paint job will last about 10 years. Under the same circumstances, a powder coating job will last twice as long.

That said, there’s no such thing as a work environment without some hazards. Paint jobs in industrial settings have to withstand high temperatures, sparks and more. Even in ordinary circumstances, powder coating and paint alike must be able to withstand damage from wind, rain and UV rays. Powder coating has been proven to stand up to the elements without chipping, cracking or showing its age.

Put your stamp on it

One of the biggest benefits of powder coating with color in Southern California is being able to add your brand’s personal touch to your business, vehicles and equipment. Because powder coating is applicable to so many functions, you can apply it practically anywhere.

A masterful powder coating specialist like Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. can use color powder coating to imbue any metal surface with your brand. That’s a quality traditional paint can’t match.

Help the environment

There’s another big reason to choose color powder coating over paint. In a world that is increasingly focused on businesses’ impact on the environment, powder coating can be a lifesaver.

Oil-based paint is tough to dispose of. It’s impossible to recycle and ultimately ends up in a landfill for years, releasing toxins into the environment. What’s more, there’s almost inevitably paint left over after a job, which adds more waste to the painting process.

Meanwhile, powder coatings are made from environmentally-friendly ingredients that release neither fumes nor toxins when applied or removed. Additionally, leftover powder coating colors are reusable in future jobs, meaning there is no waste leftover. That’s a genuine benefit to the environment that your employees and customers are bound to appreciate.

Explore the possibilities

Find out more about color powder coating in Southern California with some help from Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. For nearly four decades, we have offered a comprehensive array of metal finishing services to representatives of a huge number of industries. Our skill with plating, polishing and, of course, powder coating is unmatched.

When you’re looking for a business-to-business solution for your metal finishing needs, look no further than Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. You’ll love our combination of friendly and responsive customer service and extraordinary results—we guarantee it. Contact us today to find out more.