IPS is a premier plating provider that specializes in decorative (rack) electroplating. Not only is our facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for producing consistent results, our staff is well-trained and knowledgeable in the process. As a leading electroplating company, we’re also committed to regular testing of our results and continuous process improvement. Our commitment to quality results is unparalleled.

Complete Electroplating Capabilities

Controlling the plating process is one of the most difficult parts of any finishing operation. Our chemical engineers are trained to use the most up-to-date software programs to ensure reliability in the plating process by monitoring proper tank concentrations and temperature levels. This system maintains a record of all chemical maintenance procedures and alerts our personnel of any necessary corrections, thereby reducing the possibility of human error.

We’re proud to say that all our chemical engineers are plating experts who have been in the plating industry for many years. They possess the technical expertise, background and experience to assure the highest possible consistency in the plating processes across every project, regardless of finish or substrate.

Installed Plating Capacity

Unlike many other plating companies, IPS has in-house rack design, manufacturing and repair capabilities that allow for quicker turnaround on new tooling and improved maintenance on existing racks. Our facility include 12 total plating lines with diverse capabilities:

  • (7) Automatic Hoist Lines: Hoist lines are designed to provide a wide range of finishes, with an emphasis on flexibility, volume and consistent high quality.
  • (3) Automatic Return-Type Lines: Our cycle-master plating machines are designed to produce large volume finishes with the highest reproducibility.
  • (2) Manual Line: Our manual line provides a wide range of finishes and excellent balance in terms of flexibility, volume and consistent high quality.

Depending on the specifications of your project (size, substrate, finish and volumes), we ensure it will get processed in the line that is best suited for its application. Our adherence to stringent quality results ensures a robust plating process.

Electrolytic Processes

Our broad capabilities and commitment to customer satisfaction have paved the way for IPS to offer an abundance of electrolytic plating processes. Depending on the substrate being coated, we can achieve all the following processes:

  • Brass (Satin, Bright)
  • Bronze
  • Chrome (Hexavalent, Trivalent)
  • Copper (Alkaline, Acid)
  • Nickel (Matte, Semi-Bright, Bright, Black, Pearl, Particle, Sulfamate, Woods,)
  • Oxide

Substrates We Plate

Our work across diverse industries means we’re well-equipped to coat all different types of substrates— automotive, consumer goods, door hardware, window hardware, sporting goods, electronics, medical, gaming, to kitchen and bath and any other industry requiring high quality, decorative finishing services in medium to high volume. We offer electrolytic plating for a broad array of substrate options, including the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Zinc

Get a Quote on Electrolytic Plating

Have a project that requires electrolytic plating to produce the finished results you demand from it? Contact Industrial Polishing Services, Inc. and let us put our plating experience and capable facilities at your disposal. Reach us today at 619-661-1691 to discuss your project.

IPS specializes in medium- to high-volume regular production runs. We are not able to provide services for one-time only, restoration or low-volume orders, but will refer you to someone who can.

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Industries Served:

  • Door Hardware and Kitchen & Bath Hardware
  • Automotive Hardware
  • Gaming Industry
  • Motorcycle Industry
  • Appliances Industry
  • Window Hardware Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Consumer Goods Industry
  • And many more!